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100 Days Later: A Devotional to Rekindle Your Hope
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The new year is off and running. Is it as you thought it would be? Are you on track with you goals? Are things just cupcakes and rainbows? Anything unexpected pop up already? We're guessing so. That’s why we put together this devotional project for the month of April.

We are 100 days into the new year and it is time to reflect, remember and move forward. April is a powerful time as we look toward Easter as a beacon of hope. The year isn’t over, we have time to make things happen. If things are hard, we have time to shift our perspective and learn to lean in to Christ for strength.

Friends, my hope for you is that each day of April you will take time to think on these first 100 days of the year, refocus on what is truly important, say no to the things that aren’t and move forward in bold confidence. You’ve got this!

Friends, rise up, start fresh, we are a new creation and we can do hard things. Are you ready?

Thank you to the authors who came together to make this project happen. Links will go live on their publication date.

April 1st –  Life Lessons from Little Farmers by Elizabeth Thompson

April 2ndMeet Baxter: Taming the Struggles in Your Life by Kathleen Ybarbo

April 3rdWhen Moving Forward Hurts by Angela Clavijo

April 4thA New Way to Look at Your Routine Life by Lisa-Jo Baker

April 5thHighway Rescue by Letitia Suk

April 6thThe Struggle to Surrender by Shannon Popkin

April 7thEncouragement When You’re Stuck by Marlo Schalesky

April 8thAmidst the Many by Gunnar Simonsen

April 9thFacing Failure by Cara Luecht

April 10thPushing Past Negativity to Pursue God’s Call On Your Life by Tracie Miles

April 11thRelaunch by Julie Lyles Carr

April 12thMoving Forward After Rejection by Maddie Schulte

April 13thHe’ll Carry You by Amelia Rhodes

April 14thWhen The End Isn’t by Robin Allen

April 15thExceptionally Good Saturday by John Fischer

April 16thEmbracing Our Newness After the Cross by Lauren Flake

April 17thFinding the Bravery You Need to Accomplish what God’s Calling You to Do By Lisa Lloyd

April 18thWhen It’s Hard To Move Forward by Kathleen McClelland

April 19thWhen the Faith of a Child Moves the Hand of God by Rhonda Stoppe

April 20thHope in the Face of Shame by Aubrey Sampson

April 21stTaking Specific Steps to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed by Shannon Medisky

April 22ndTrusting in The One Who Can Make It Happen by Amie Wouda

April 23rdDon’t Overthink It by Meg McClain

April 24thResolution Encouragement by Dana Herndon

April 25thHow to Get Unstuck & Move Forward by Jayme Hull

April 26th6 Ways to Seek God In A New Way by Amy Brooks

April 27thWhen God Showed Up Unexpectedly by Amy Davis

April 28th –  Encourage Yourself in God by Shellie Tomlinson

April 29thLeaning on Jesus During Hardship by Shannon Medisky

April 30thLetting Go of Control by Kerstin Lindquiest

  • Rebecca is behind the scenes at allmomdoes. She loves connecting with other moms and sharing real life struggles. With two kids at home, Rebecca is a busy working mom, but loves the challenge of balancing work and life effectively. She tries to start each day with a Nespresso vanilla latte and end each day with a piece of chocolate.

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