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How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh
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Recently we asked our readers over at SPIRIT 105.3 about how to best keep cut flowers fresh! We were given lots of ideas and thought that we would share some of them here with you!

Hopefully you can find one that works and keep your flowers fresh for longer!

  • " Always cut the stems when you get them home and use a flower packet in the water. What works the best for me is to cut the stems every few days and replace the water and put a new flower packet in. You can always ask for extra packets at your flower store. Or you can mix your own by using a little sugar, lemon or lime juice and a little household bleach. It is all about the pH level of your water and keeping bacteria from building up." -Tari
  • "Tulips - pennies and ice cubes, they like it super cold!" -Lene
  • " Buy them at Costco and if they don't last at least 10 days they replace them. Also cut the ends, and add the packet or sugar." -Bethany
  • "1 drop of purification essential oil. Kept my lilies good for 13 days before they even started to droop." -Sara
  • "Add a little 7-Up." -Donna
  • "Add 7-Up with water and an aspirin." -Sharon
  • "PENNY! Actually it's the copper that tulips love! Also, keep water cleaned and don't put near a heat source. Keep in a cool area of your home. Tulips will continue growing until all blooms out so you can cut the stems when you change the water." -Angie
  • "I work in floral wholesale- keys are CLEAN buckets & vases & clippers. Keep them cool (outside at night if above 37'), flower food (packets), sharp clippers, and I always use a floral finishing spray on things I create." -Karen
  • "A florist told me to cut stems at an angle under water, it's worked for me." -Ashley

Here's to fresh flowers (and hopefully some sunshine soon to follow!) 

Do you have a tip? Weigh in here or over on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you!


  • Emily is a stay-at-home mom in Stanwood, WA. She's been married to her husband Aaron since August of 2014, and they have two boys under four. Having been a teen mom, she is passionate about ministering to other young mothers, as well as just moms in general!

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