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Andrea Stunz is a wife, mom, mother-in-law and grandmother. She is from south Texas and finds hope in a beautiful sunrise and a good cup of coffee. A stumbling pilgrim who is ever so grateful for grace, Andrea longs to encourage others in their stories by sharing a part of hers because “a story worth living is a story worth sharing”. Find her at

  • College doors will soon fling wide and the last of our three children will confidently walk right through them. She is excited and I must admit that I’m excited for her. But there is some backend work that must be done to ensure her college years will be a success.
  • I’m aware that neither of us really think of ourselves as old. I wonder if we’ll be old when we’re 80. I’m not quite sure. I don’t know what “old” is but I think we’re there and if not, we must be close because the physical signs are flashing in neon at this point.
  • Having arrived early for her basketball game, she chose to sit in the warm car for a bit and we chatted. I thought to myself how weary I am of making school runs but how much I will miss our drive-time chats one day. She told me she would never eat another hot dog. “Do you know what’s in those things?”, she asked. She followed that up with “I cannot believe that people still eat at McDonald’s.” I feel as though I’ve climbed the motherhood mountain and reached the pinnacle of my parental achievements. My work here is done. She is good to go!
  • Andrew Peterson, one of my all-time favorite musician/storytellers, has a song entitled, “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone.”

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