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Kristina has two kids with her husband of eleven years. She loves camping, canning, and cooking. She’s learning that the story God is writing for her is better than the one she could ever write for herself, which is a hard lesson to learn, because she also loves planning, security, and predictability. Kristina is chasing her dream and trying to be brave at

  • The sun is out and that means backyard barbecues with family and friends! The next time you get an invitation, bring one of these dishes. We've got options from the store-bought to the gourmet and whatever you choose, it will be the hit of the party!
  • In our area of the country with exploding real-estate values where it’s not unheard of to pay upwards of half a million dollars for a modest-sized cosmetic fixer, we knew that finding a home (and beating the frenzy of other potential buyers with our offer) was going to be a challenge.
  • It's no secret that I love saving money, avoiding food waste, and feeding my family healthy meals. One super simple way to do that is to send leftovers to work with my husband for his lunch. But therein lies a problem - one you may have encountered, too. Not everything reheats well, tastes good the next day, or transports easily. Through the years I've learned a thing or two about what's worth sending off to work with him, and what's better left in the fridge or freezer to be repurposed another way.
  • After tipping, the local coffee chains charge nearly $5 a pop for a vanilla latte. Even as an occasional treat it can be rather expensive. So, always in search of a bargain, I thought I'd sample the local fast food drive-thrus to see if there was an acceptable (and cheaper) alternative. There was. Here are my results, from best to worst.
  • I’ve taken my kids on airplanes a bazillion times. Okay, maybe more like twenty – but most of those times have been on my own, without my husband to help. There are tons of tips around the interwebs for traveling with infants, but what about older children? Turns out some things get easier, and some things get a little more complicated. Here are some of my top tips to make your trip go as smooth as possible.
  • Everybody knows that TV isn’t great for kids, but most of us allow our children screen time on a daily basis anyway. I find that when we severely restrict access to technology our kids have better attitudes, fight less, play together more, and exercise more creativity. But even with those benefits, I still admit that I let my kids use screens way too much.
  • Dinnertime comes daily, so as moms need a good collection of quick, healthy meals in our arsenal that we can pull out on even the busiest of nights to feed our families a dinner we can be proud of.
  • Movie Review
    I grew up watching the Smurfs cartoons. And the little blue creatures were exactly as I remember: fun, funny, and entertaining. The movie held my attention (and my kids’ attention!) for the full time and it’s not overly lengthy – about an hour and 20 minutes. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, take the kids for a Smurfing good time!

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