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    Did you ever play your parents off each other as a child? Mom says no so you go and ask dad? As a parent, you are probably familiar with this game that you likely attempted to master as a kid. It’s written in the kid handbook that is embedded into their minds at birth. 1,001 Ways to Drive Your Parents Crazy. I firmly believe that parents must be a united front. There are times I don’t necessarily agree with something my husband communicates to my kids but I do my very best to go with it and then later discuss it with him once it’s just the two of us. There is just one small problem. I’m a sucker for tears. And my kids know it.
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  • As we sat in the restaurant booth, she was busily coloring, reading on her Kindle, patting her baby doll and feeding her. It was Friday at lunch. The restaurant was bustling with activity, conversation and meetings underway. She was an outlier in this adult urban world of industry and persuasion and sales and networking. I saw looks from other patrons of the restaurant glancing our way, curiosity written in those glances as to why a nine-year-old girl would be in the midst of this world of grown-ups. She dipped her head to her coloring, her dark brunette bob tucked behind her ears. I greeted my lunch appointment and we quickly got to work, discussing upcoming nonprofit grant submissions and project developments.
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  • We want to get to know you better and build our community even stronger. One way we plan to do this is by integrating Facebook Live into our blogging. We'd love for you to join us for our first ever Facebook Live broadcast on Monday, 6/27 at 7pm PST. Kristina and Rebecca will be discussing meal planning, including some tips and tricks that you can put to use right away.And, we'd love to hear from you. Join us with your comments and ideas to share with the community.
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  • So here's to you, Kristi. Thank you for doing this Kingdom work, and loving like Jesus.
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