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  • An excerpt from "And It Was Beautiful"
    The test results came in from my PET scan. The cancer has found new borders to invade, new places to overtake. I am struggling with nerve pain. Nights have been the hardest. Because of the recent pain we were not surprised by the results, not caught off guard. But that kind of news still breaks us further.
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  • Having a Happy Mother's Day
    Often Mother’s Day is more about what others want FOR us than what we want for ourselves. It’s undeniable that handmade cards and freshly picked dandelion bouquets are truly one of the best parts of motherhood. But, what if you could spend the rest of the day doing exactly what YOU wanted to do? What would the day look like?
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  1. The Six Friendships You Can't Do Without

    Allison Armstrong said "Love. You are a little of all of those for me. There is one you missed though, "Kicker in the Rearer." The person who k..." Read More
  • Peanut butter has so many uses. Of course, we know the traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but did you know these interesting ways you can use peanut butter?
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  • Chocolate Banana Bread
    Recently, my sister-in-law sent me a video of a guy who took an old, brown banana, put it in rice for an hour, blew it with a hair dryer, and Voila!  It was yellow and firm again.  After further research, we found out that the video was fake.
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  • Monday Mom Confessions
    I went to a women's gathering, and as we introduced ourselves to one another we were instructed to share something interesting about ourselves. It was my turn. I had nothing.
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  • Relocating Your Family
    They live in the most darling Austin-but-Southern-eque house just down the street, with plantation rockers on the two sets of porches that grace the front of the home. All their babies have been born here. They are deeply involved in our neighborhood, the community, their school, and their church. And now they’re moving. Away. To snow and mountains. With their three young kids. Moving. Relocating. Packing up. No matter its nomenclature, I’m not a fan. But I’ve done it plenty.
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  • A few days ago, my husband and I went out to do some errands. We were struck anew with the rudeness of the other drivers on the road. People pushed their way in front of the line of cars waiting to get on the freeway. Drivers changed lanes without looking, just to get a few feet ahead in traffic. Other people parked themselves in the left lane while driving ten miles an hour below the speed limit (I even saw one man turn his mirror to the side so he wouldn’t have to acknowledge the line of cars piling up behind him). We found ourselves getting more and more frustrated and our conversation veered into negative areas as well.
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  • My sister was doing this thing, 90 Days of Gratitude. You share with a group of mostly strangers 5 things you are thankful for each day. My first thought was, I can totally do that! Super easy to be grateful for 90 days! Ladies. Why is nothing in life easy?
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