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  • Comparing Hello Fresh, Munchery, and Blue Apron
    I kept getting ads for meal delivery services in my mailbox, in-box, and pop-up ads and I’ll admit – I’ve always been curious. I really enjoy cooking for my family and I’m always looking for ways to make it easier or mix up my menu.
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  • Those of us who have dealt with a large amount of loss in our lives are very familiar with this model. At the best of times, it brings us comfort and a sense of structure in an out-of-control situation. At the worst of times, people hurl it at us like a weapon, telling us we’re moving through the stages too slowly and we need to speed things up.
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  1. The 10,684 Stages of Grief

    Melody said "Great article, several years after my mom passed. I thought something was wrong with me because I just wasn't where my s..." Read More
  • I believe that date nights are extremely important, especially if you are parents of littles.
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  • Essential advice for all moms as we get ready for back to school.
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  • packing lunches and snacks for a nut-free school
    This time last year I received the news that I had signed my son up for - brace yourself - a nut-free school. I didn’t realize it at the time of registering him.
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  • It occurred to me when my kids were in school that classrooms resemble cattle chutes. Kids are expected to file into class, find their desks, and be ready for a day of focusing and learning. And, let’s be honest, cattle chutes work. They are an effective way to move the herd from one place to another. UNLESS, you’re dealing with stray cows who refuse to get into the chute in the first place.
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