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Posted 18h ago by Kristina Slaney

I make a breakfast casserole every week; it's a huge timesaver to make one breakfast that you can eat all week. So when my friends came over for brunc... Full Story

Posted Jan 15, 2019 by Rebecca Beckett

Get ready for it. We are cracking wide open a conversation today on mental health & faith. Sheila Walsh joins us for one of our most compelling co... Full Story

Posted Jan 14, 2019 by Ann Kirsten

Why is it that I only crave salads in spring and summer? Sure, the farmer's markets and my own garden beckon me during those seasons with their tanta... Full Story

Posted Jan 10, 2019 by Rebecca Beckett

Rebecca & Erica started an encouragement table on Facebook today. Every Thursday around 11am PST, join us as we share encouragement and hope. Toda... Full Story

Posted Jan 09, 2019 by Rebecca Beckett

We are in the fight of a lifetime. I say fight of a lifetime, because it is us against the wiggly tooth drama. It happens overnight. The first tooth w... Full Story

Posted Jan 09, 2019 by Kristina Slaney

It's no secret that event-planning just isn't my thing; each year instead of a party I try my best to entice my kids with alternate celebratory activi... Full Story

Posted Jan 08, 2019 by Rebecca Beckett

She is fun, full of life and learning how to live a life of bravery and faith day to day. She is Annie F. Downs and we can't wait for you to hear this... Full Story

Posted Jan 07, 2019 by Ann Kirsten

When I was having babies, my bed was a place of refuge. The rest of my life was so cluttered with tiny people, their stuff and their needs that my be... Full Story

Posted Jan 04, 2019 by Kristina Slaney

We knew our dog was getting older. As she advanced in years her mobility got increasingly worse and there were several times when we thought we were c... Full Story

Posted Jan 02, 2019 by Ann Kirsten

Making soup used to intimidate me. It felt so complicated to find the perfect match-up of flavors. I had no idea how easy it really was. Plus, I've... Full Story

Posted Jan 01, 2019 by Stephanie O'Farrell

Every night when I pray for my children, I tend to recite the same things. I struggle with putting the words together of exactly how I want to pray. L... Full Story

Posted Jan 01, 2019 by Rebecca Beckett

It's 2019 and we are so excited to celebrate our best of episodes of 2018! Here your your top picks of the year. Don't miss the insight from Beth Moor... Full Story

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