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Posted 21 hours ago by Georgina Dukes

Do you hear that!? The sound of screeching brakes from school buses, lunch boxes clamping, book bags zipping, and school bells ringing. Back to School... Full Story

Posted Aug 15, 2018 by Stephanie O'Farrell

Mom, tell me if you can relate to this experience I had last year at this time. I was standing in the school supply section of Target. In hand were th... Full Story

Posted Aug 14, 2018 by Rebecca Beckett

The star of TLC's Rattled, Julia Sadler joins us today. She's walked through some very painful seasons when it came to building a family. After having... Full Story

Posted Aug 13, 2018 by Ann Kirsten

Anyone who plants zucchini seeds in their garden knows that they are prolific growers and producers.  The vines themselves have a tendency to spi... Full Story

Posted Aug 13, 2018 by Abbie Mabary

A few years ago I participated in an in depth study of prayer. At the time I was a mom of four. We had recently completed our first adoption and were ... Full Story

Posted Aug 09, 2018 by Rebecca Beckett

I wouldn't really consider myself a Disney fanatic, but I was purposefully scrolling through Facebook the other day (I say purposefully because it mak... Full Story

Posted Aug 09, 2018 by Kristina Slaney

Losing baby teeth is a rite of passage. But once your child brings you that first tooth, what do you do next? Many parents tuck it away somewhere, ... Full Story

Posted Aug 08, 2018 by Stephanie O'Farrell

For us working moms, summer isn’t much different than the rest of the year. We still have to get up early, get our kids out the door, work a ful... Full Story

Posted Aug 07, 2018 by Rebecca Beckett

I know. I know. You are either ready for it or not, but I think it’s important that we still talk about it….getting ready for back to sch... Full Story

Posted Aug 07, 2018 by Rebecca Beckett

We welcome to the podcast today one of the most prolific Christian authors - Max Lucado.  This is a powerful conversation on hope, what it is and... Full Story

Posted Aug 07, 2018 by Julie Lyles Carr

(Julie) Yep. That’s right. As dialed in as I try to be as a mom, as much as I think I’m paying attention, I had no idea. My second... Full Story

Posted Aug 07, 2018 by AllMomDoes

At every step in a child's life, mom is there to impart wisdom and shape their child to be the best they can be. It seems daunting - all the things we... Full Story

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